Is Your Small Business Still Not Marketing Online? Oh Dear…

Did you know that almost half of all small businesses in the UK still don’t have a website? That’s shocking really and would go some way to explaining why 4 out of 5 small businesses fail within their first year of trading. And whilst that still leaves around half of UK small businesses with a […]

Is Your Small Business Getting Social Media Wrong?

Ah, social media – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc, etc. Love them of loathe them, these are the places that your customers are hanging-out so if you want to engage with them, you’d better have something worth saying. Are You a Social Media Bore? When Clients ask me how best to use social media for […]

Banish The Word “Quality” in Your Marketing Material

If there’s one word that I see more than any other in marketing material of most small businesses, it’s ‘Quality’. It’s everywhere… QUALITY SERVICE QUALITY PRODUCTS QUALITY GOODS HIGH QUALITY THE BEST QUALITY FINEST QUALITY …and on and on. So own up – have you used the word ‘quality’ in any of your marketing or […]

Want More Customers? See Your Business Through Their Eyes

Running a small business can be a very insular existence so it’s no surprise that as a small business owner, it can be difficult to see your business from the outside. The problem with this is that if you don’t understand the needs of your customers, you marketing message isn’t likely to engage them. The […]

How Much Does a Marketing Consultant in the UK Charge?

Probably the first question that most prospective Clients ask is “How much is this going to cost me?” It’s quite understandable as business owners seeking out the services of a Marketing Consultant are often having difficulty boosting their income and consequently, are watching every penny. However, trying to establish how much a Marketing Consultant will […]

How to Effectively Advertise Your Business on the Back of Your Car or Van

If you spend any time driving around in either a car or van then a great way to get free advertising for your small business is to add your details to the back of your vehicle. Whenever you’re sat in traffic, you’ll have a captive audience in the occupants of the vehicle behind you. A […]

Coronation Street: A Hotbed For Small Business Entrepreneurs

Okay, I admit it, I love Coronation Street. Now that’s out in the open, here’s something that crossed my mind whilst watching last nights episode; why are there so many small businesses operating in one back-street of a Manchester suburb? And before anyone states the obvious, yes I do realise it’s not ‘real’ but a […]

Your Small Business is Great. So What?

Your small business might have the best service or products in the world but do you know what, your customers just don’t care. What small businesses fail to grasp in their marketing copy is that consumers are only interested in what a product of service will do for them. If you don’t see your products […]

When Straplines Go Bad

A great strapline can really help your customers to understand what your business is about. However, it’s probably worth spending a little time developing and researching precisely what message you want to convey before you call out the Sign-writers to your shop. This branch of the RSPCA in Bury, Lancashire should probably have give a […]

Excuse Me, Your Website Makes My Eyes Bleed

I was speaking to a potential Client last week and he asked for my views on his website as he wasn’t getting any enquiries from it. It was truly awful. I won’t bore you with the details but suffice to say that it failed just about every single requirement of a small business website. It […]