Banish The Word “Quality” in Your Marketing Material

If there’s one word that I see more than any other in marketing material of most small businesses, it’s ‘Quality’. It’s everywhere…


…and on and on.

So own up – have you used the word ‘quality’ in any of your marketing or advertising material? If so, shame on you because it’s a complete waste of space. It’s used too often that to consumers, it’s become invisible; it simply doesn’t mean anything anymore.

Furthermore, if every small business is saying using the word ‘quality’, how on earth is a consumer supposed to differentiate one business from another when they want to buy something?

And looking at it another way, surely the very least your customers should expect from you is either quality service or quality products? Quality is not a benefit, it’s an expectation, so why bother wasting valuable marketing space telling your customers something that should be a given anyway?

It’s a bit like a Hairdressers saying ‘We Cut Hair’ or a Garage saying ‘We Fix Cars’ – you’re telling the consumer something about your business that they already expect.

Time For a ‘Quality’ Audit

Go take a look at your website now and wherever you have used the Q word, use something else; something that will actually stand-out in the eyes of your prospective customers and give them a real benefit.

Stuck for alternatives? Heres a link to an online Thesarus that will help

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