Coronation Street: A Hotbed For Small Business Entrepreneurs

Okay, I admit it, I love Coronation Street.

Now that’s out in the open, here’s something that crossed my mind whilst watching last nights episode; why are there so many small businesses operating in one back-street of a Manchester suburb? And before anyone states the obvious, yes I do realise it’s not ‘real’ but a fictional TV program.

One Street, So Many Small Businesses

I can only imagine that there must be something in the Weatherfield water that has created so many Entrepreneurs & small businesses in one street. Whilst I’m not sure of the population of Coronation Street, it does seem to have a disproportionate number of small businesses:

  1. The Corner Shop – A convenience store Owned by Dev Alahan
  2. Roys Rolls – A cafe owned by Roy Cropper
  3. Underworld – An underwear manufacturer owned by Carla Connor
  4. Barlows Bookies – A Bookmakers owned by Peter Barlow
  5. Audrey’s – A Hairdressers owned by Audrey Roberts
  6. The Kabin – A Newsagents owned by Norris Cole
  7. Street Cars – A taxi firm co-owned by Lloyd Mullaney & Steve McDonald
  8. Prima Doner – A kebab shop owned by Dev Alahan
  9. The Rovers Return – A pub owned by Stella Price
  10. Nicks Bistro – A Bistro owned by Nick Tilsley
  11. Webster’s Auto Centre – A garage owned by Kevin Webster
  12. Owen Armstrong Construction – A Builders owned by Owen Armstrong
  13. For Your Fries Only – A chip shop owned by Mr Wong (no, me neither)

That makes a total of 13 small businesses on one relatively small street. Perhaps Manchester City Council provide very generous grants for small businesses in the area.

And what is more puzzling is that on the whole, most of these businesses appear to be surviving quite well despite their small catchment area and shall we say, limited demographic.

So, the (rather tenuous) message of this post is that if no matter how small a market might appear, there’s always room for a well-run small business that connects with it’s customers at the right level.

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