How I Work

Virtually every new Client I start working with has never used the services of a Marketing Consultant before, so let me explain how you can take advantage of my services.

Firstly, let me stress that all of my marketing services are bespoke, as is the advice I provide for each Client. This means that services I recommend for you will be based upon the specific needs of your business rather than you being ‘sold’ a service which may not work for you. My reputation is worth far more than the price of any single sale I make.

I would also like to think that all of my Clients would tell you that I’m flexible, 100% honest, extremely knowledgeable regarding small business marketing and that I ultimately deliver solutions that really work.

So let’s take a look at typical Client journey from start to finish…

Stage One – Establishing What You Need

The starting point for any new Client is to take advantage of my free consultation offer (link opens in new window/tab). This involves an informal chat over the telephone in which I’ll be able to determine what your current marketing issues are.

Once I know what you are looking to achieve, I’ll be able to make some recommendations based on the marketing services that I offer. If I can’t provide a robust solution that will work for you then I’ll tell you there and then.

Stage Two – Providing Solutions

Once I have a solution (or multiple solutions) that addresses your specific marketing needs, I will provide you with a quote for that service together with my terms of service. For your peace of mind, I have three core principles for every service I provide:

Measurable – we need to ensure my strategies are helping you to gain new customers.
Affordable – I’ll always do my best to work within your budget, large or small.
Realistic – I won’t provide any solution that your business can’t effectively manage.

At this stage we will talk through the quote so you fully understand the results you should achieve and what will be expected from both parties for the strategy to be effective. Once you’re happy with the plan it’s time to move to stage three.

Stage Three – Your First Steps Towards Success

Once we’ve dealt with the formalities of payment and agreeing terms, it’s time for the real action to begin. Every service I provide will be project managed from start to finish so you have a clear understanding of timescales and delivery of the service.

Depending on the which specific service we employ, I will measure how well it performs on an agreed scale. Obviously some marketing strategies are easier to assess than other – for example, it’s very easy to see how many new visitors a website attracts once we’ve applied an SEO strategy buy it’s obviously not possible to measure how effective a new logo is beyond consumer feedback.

Stage Four – Looking Forward

At this stage you will have had one marketing strategy work well for you. Hopefully this will have given you the confidence to broaden your marketing scope to look at other opportunities. It’s worth remembering that marketing is not a single event, it’s an ongoing process that, if used correctly, will help your small business to grow and prosper.

Action or Apathy? You Decide…

All your best intentions are going to prove futile if you don’t take decisive action today. There really is no good reason for you not to take advantage of my free consultation offer so click the button below and start your journey towards success.

The path to success is to take massive, determined action – Tony Robbins