Marketing For Startup Businesses

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and start your own business – congratulations!

You now have an incredible opportunity to build your new venture on solid foundations which could significantly improve your chances of long-term success. However, if you underestimate the importance of marketing at this stage then you will regret it later – I absolutely guarantee it.

Marketing takes a day to learn. Unfortunately it takes a lifetime to master
– Phil Kolter

Many of the marketing problems that I encounter on a daily basis are a direct result of a business owner making fundamental marketing mistakes when they started their business. The trouble is that some mistakes can be time-consuming and expensive to undo, if they can even be undone.

Wouldn’t it be better not to make those mistakes in the first place?

But Marketing is Really Easy Isn’t it?

Typically, when somebody starts a new business, one of the first people they speak to is an Accountant. You will rely on them to help you manage all of financial matters such as taxation, VAT, invoicing, payroll, etc.

Most small business owners don’t think twice about hiring an Accountant to help them manage their finances but don’t consider a strategy for putting money in their bank in the first place.

Doesn’t that sound a little ridiculous?

The sad truth is that most small business owners assume that marketing is easy. If it was so simple then 4 out of 5 startups in the UK wouldn’t fail – but alas they do.

Starting to Realise the Importance of Marketing?

Unless you want your new venture to become yet another statistic amongst all those other failed businesses, you need to seek professional help with your marketing.

Here’s where I can add significant value to your startup and steer you away from the many pitfalls your competition have fallen into. Not only can I help you develop an effective marketing strategy, I can also deliver nearly every marketing service that a startup initially needs, including:

Business Name & Brand

The biggest mistake most startups make is not giving their new venture a name that really appeals to it’s target customers. Who ever remembers business names like ABC Ltd or Smith & Co? Don’t leave this crucial step of your startup to chance.

Logo Design

Your logo should visually portray the core message you want to deliver to your customers. A well-designed, professional logo could be the difference between a customer having the confidence to try your products and services or moving on to your competitors.

Website & Online Marketing

An effective website is probably the most cost-effective marketing tool your business can utilise. I have Clients who’ve managed to attract over 90% of their customers from their website alone so if you’re looking for the best possible start to your venture, a website is an absolute must.

Social Media Set-up

The great thing about marketing your new venture on social media websites like Twitter and Facebook is that it’s free. However, you need to get the marketing right to really make the most of social media marketing and I can show you some killer strategies for gaining new customers.

Advert Design & Copywriting

If you intend to use offline media like newspapers, magazines, posters or flyers then I can create eye-catching adverts that deliver an effective sales message. I can also help you develop copy for brochures, your website and just about any other media your customers will see.

Mentoring & Advice

I’ve personally built-up several successful small businesses from scratch but believe me, I made plenty of mistakes along the way. If you need a 1-to-1 support or mentoring then I’ve got wealth of experience in running small businesses that I can share with you.

Want to Triple Your Chances of Success (For Free)?

I am so confident that I can help you develop a stellar startup that I’m offering the opportunity for UK startups to take advantage of a free telephone consultation. Each consultation last around 30-60 minutes and I guarantee I’ll be able to give you some advice that genuinely helps you.

There’s no obligation to use any of my services so can you afford NOT to book?

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