Small Business Branding & Graphic Design

I know it’s a cliché but in business, you only have one opportunity to make a first impression. The sad fact is that small business branding is rarely given the attention it deserves and consequently, business owners don’t think about how their customers view their business. Many small businesses are losing dozens of new customers every month simply because their prospective customers don’t have a great first impression of the business.

So many small businesses underestimate the importance of building their business on solid foundations and start trading with a weak or non-existent brand strategy. Just because your business is small doesn’t mean that you can’t have a professional, effective image that immediately gives your customers confidence in your business.

Customer Perception is Everything

Look at the two examples below, both small businesses selling used cars – which one gives you the greatest confidence in their cars, their service and the overall professionalism? If you were going to start a business selling cars, which brand would give you the greatest sense of pride? (not withstanding your name probably isn’t ‘Dave Smith’)

So Why Should You Care About Creating a Strong Brand For Your Small Business?

    Big companies invest vast amounts of money in their branding their business and products, and they don’t make that investment for any other reason than it gives them a number of tangible benefits. Those same benefits can also help your small business to:

  • Give greater value to your products or services
  • Help your customers identify with your business ethos
  • Give your customers confidence in your products or services
  • Help your business develop a focused marketing strategy
  • Add value to your business when you come to sell it

A Total Solution For Your Branding & Graphic Design Needs

As with all of my marketing services, I aim to provide a complete, one-stop solution for my Clients so you can keep your entire marketing strategy consistent and manage it more effectively. With this in mind, I can help your small business to achieve all of the following marketing goals:

  • Create an effective, professional business name
  • Develop a unique brand with an eye catching logo & styling
  • Ensure that you have the right domain name ( for your website & email
  • Generate consistent designs for all of your online & offline marketing material
  • Produce stunning marketing material such as brochures, flyers and business cards

From a basic concept right though to production of printed and digital media, I can help you develop a professional, consistent image and marketing message that your customers will truly embrace.

Getting Started With Branding Your Small Business

If your small business needs an image overhaul or you are thinking of starting your own business then now is the time to take action. For a free, no obligation consultation in which I can give you some invaluable advice on developing an effective brand strategy, simply click the button below to get started.

Unless you have absolute clarity of what your brand stands for, everything else is irrelevant – Mark Baynes