Small Business Copywriting Service

It is often assumed that writing effective content for all of your marketing material is easy. However, the fact that big companies invest so much money in employing expert Copywriters suggests that writing great copy is far from easy.

The good news is that with my small business copywriting service, you can now get your marketing message across to your customers just as effectively as those big companies but without employing expensive Copywriters.

Why Would a Small Business Need a Copywriter?

If you’ve never used a professional Copywriter before, you may be wondering what the benefits are over trying to write your own content. To demonstrate one of the most compelling reasons, I once have a call from a business owner who had spent his entire day trying to write a 500-word article for his website.

We worked out that his ‘lost day’ had actually cost him over £400 in lost business and his finished article was still severely flawed – perhaps writing your own copy isn’t such a money-saver.

Beyond the time and frustration of trying to write your own copy, there are several other reasons why you might want to consider my copywriting service:

  • I produce copy that is properly structured with a subtly defined sales message to ensure your customers take action.
  • I write copy that will engage and inform your customers rather than bore them with bland content.
  • I can write for both print and the web so your sales message will be consistent across all of your marketing media.
  • I can ensure that your copy ties-in with your overall marketing strategy.

The trick to creating really great copy that will sell your products or services without your customers even realising that they are being sold to.

What Types of Copy Can I Help You With?

As is my aim with all of my marketing services, I can deliver a complete one-stop solution for all of your specific copywriting requirement including:

  • Web Content – including your website page content, blog posts, adverts and White papers.
  • Social Media Content – including profiles on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter.
  • Printed Material Content – including brochures, guides, booklets, flyers and posters.
  • Direct Mail Content – including sales letters, postcards and invitations.

Getting Started With Copywriting

If you need some guidance on creating great copy or if you’d like a frank appraisal of your current content, an ideal solution is to take advantage of my free consultation offer. By simply clicking on the button below and completing a brief form, I can book you in for a consultation in which I’ll be able to give you some great tips and advice on how copywriting will help your small business.

The more vivid the picture the words paint in your mind when you read them, the greater the readership, the greater the response – Michel Fortin