Is Your Small Business Getting Social Media Wrong?

Ah, social media – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc, etc. Love them of loathe them, these are the places that your customers are hanging-out so if you want to engage with them, you’d better have something worth saying.

Are You a Social Media Bore?

When Clients ask me how best to use social media for their small business, I give them a very simple analogy – imagine that social media is a party and your small business is a guest.

Now, think about this…

You’re at a party and you meet two people:

BRIAN – is self-obsessed, talks only about himself, has very little to say that is of interest to anyone other than himself and talks very loudly.

STEVE – has lots of interesting things to say, listens to you, is helpful with lots of great advice and has an array of interesting anecdotes.

As a fellow guest, which one of the above characters would you want to spend some time with and which one would you avoid like the plague?

Well, social media is exactly the same – if you just want to tell people how wonderful your small business is and show no interest in them, you’re basically Brian.

However, if you want to use social media to help people, to give them free advice, to tell them interesting things and show them solutions to their problems (even if those solutions don’t make you any money), then you’re Steve.

Here’s What Other Small Businesses Are Doing With Social Media

Slowly but surely, more and more small businesses are using social media, even if they’re not using it properly or to any great benefit. The infographic below provides some interesting statistic on how small businesses in the UK are using social media.

How Businesses use Social Media – Hiscox Insurance

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