Small Business Local SEO

Does your small business currently have a website but find that visitor numbers are disappointing?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the art of helping search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to understand the relevance of your website for specific phrases (keywords) so that when your prospective customers are searching online, your website pages appear near the top of the results. SEO is no longer just another marketing option for small businesses in the UK; it’s an absolute necessity.

Where Are Your Customers Searching?

Every hour of every day of every week, potential customers are searching online for products or services just like yours. However, it’s only those websites that appear on page one of the search engines that will receive a share of those potential new customers. Is your website currently on page one of the search engines for your primary search terms?

Ethical SEO For Long-Term Growth

Unfortunately, the SEO industry has attracted more than it’s fair share of ‘Snake Oil Salesmen’ in recent years. You should be very wary of any SEO company who asks you to sign a long contract or ‘guarantees’ that they will achieve certain results. No SEO company has insight into the complex workings of any search engine so guaranteeing SEO results is like trying to guarantee what the weather will be like on a specific day in six-months time – it’s simply not possible.

Any reputable SEO provider should use a holistic approach to SEO, meaning that the strategies employed should be ethical, robust and be focussed on providing real value to your website visitors, not trying to simply ‘cheat’ the system for short-term gain.

My Local SEO Service For Small Business

For most local small businesses operating in a specific geographical area, I have developed a range of tried-and-tested strategies for small business local SEO that will significantly help your website visibility in the search engines. These strategies are comprehensive, ethical and most importantly, effective. These strategies include:

  • Keyword research to help you uncover which phrases your customers are typing into the search engines to find the products or services you offer.
  • Competitors analysis to identify the search phrases your competitors are gaining traffic from.
  • On-page optimisation to ensure that your website pages appears relevant to the search engines for your primary customer search terms.
  • Content development to help you gain more traffic from hundreds of different keywords.
  • Analysis of your historic and current website traffic to develop your keyword ranking and identify new keyword opportunities.

Find Out More About Local SEO

To get a better understanding of how an effective SEO strategy can help your small business, click the button below to book a free consultation in which I can provide you with some great insights into your website and how SEO can provide a huge boost for your overall marketing strategy.

Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first — Wendy Piersall